Full / Power / Bright

Medium Roast



The Story

Tempest in a teacup? Naw. More like, sweet downpour of goodness. Ride out the storm with a brilliant bolt of creamy caramel & vanilla sky.

Storm’s a-brewin’!

Bags of Storm Coffee
Floral and chocolate
Tasting Notes
Bright chocolate flavours with hints of bergamot, jasmine, and honey
Recommended Brew Methods
Espresso, Drip, French Press, and Pour Over
Canada OrganicFairtradeKosher
Storm Clouds

Storm’s a-comin!

We obtained an extraordinary batch of beans that’s sooooo good.

So thunderingly delicious, we had to do something extra special. Usually our coffee is a blend of different beans, creating diverse and great tastes.

This coffee, however, is soooooo good, we had to let it kick-ass on its own!

Raw coffee beans

Storm is an exclusive single-origin coffee & incredibly delicious.

Sourced from one farm in Ethiopia — the birthplace of coffee.

We haven’t done a single-origin coffee in over a decade.

We rarely get to do this.

We're doing it now.

Put away the umbrellas, lunge for the mug, and get ready to soak in the Storm.

Stormy Coffee

The World, by Storm

Coffee has taken the world by storm. It’s sipped, quaffed and loved nearly everywhere on the planet.

But coffee is grown in relatively few places.

And originally, coffee was discovered in Ethopia.

By goats.


Yah, legend has it that an Ethiopian shepherd, named Kaldi, saw his goats munching strange looking berries.

After eating them, the goats began dancing like there was a storm coming. There was.

Once curious Kaldi had roasted the seeds of those berries (technically coffee cherries) and soaked them in hot water, the planet was forever changed.

Coffee took the world by Storm. (Thanks goats!)

That’s the legend. (We couldn’t make that up.)

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