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Happy Camper

Essential / Spirited / Bold

Medium Roast



Freedom, adventure, relaxation…and a hot cup of coffee? That’s what makes a Happy Camper. This is our traditional Rocky Mountain roast; at home in the wild, and hey, a little wild in the home!

bag of happy camper with mug and beans
Toasted marshmallow and chocolate malt
Tasting Notes
Caramelized sugar, roasted nut, and chocolate finish.
Central & South America
Recommended Brew Methods
French Press, Drip, Pour Over, and Espresso
Canada OrganicFairtradeUSDA OrganicKosher

dog with happy camper on mountain

Cool mornings? Hot coffee.

This is the go-to coffee. The blend for the everyday.

The best of everything, bundled together. It’s a large size, so perfect for those who go through their coffee like hotcakes. If one was to imagine the perfect simple cup of coffee, this is it. Traditional? Check. Delicious? Check.

Does it kick-ass? Check. Wake up in any woods, this is for Happy Campers.

Bring the outdoors inside.

Not too intense, but good in tents!

And kitchens. And hey, why not slippers!?

Heck ya. This is a proper-everyday-kinda coffee.

happy camper pour over

Why Happy Camper?

We asked, “What if we made that perfect go-to coffee-coffee?”

The coffee that wasn’t too-much of anything, and was just straight-up, sunuvagun, ever-lovin’ coffee? Y’know, something that was less, “Oh My!” And was instead just a bit more “Mmmmmhmmmm.”

The kinda coffee that would perk up those small smiles, first thing in the morning by the campfire.

The kinda coffee that might “taste familiar” (Thanks Dad!)

The kinda coffee that lifts the fog off the lake.

That warms the cockles of the heart, and tickles the taste, bud.

In the end, we settled on creating a blend that needed to be precisely two things:

1. Delicious.

2. Coffee that kicks-ass.

Good news!
We nailed it.

happy camper

Happy Camper is a Traditional roast (as in not too dark and not too light, so "Just Right, Goldilocks”).

It showcases the best of our blends.
Altogether, in one plus-size package.
Bring the outside in.
Or hang a hammock out-of-doors & put yer feet up.

Go camping. Be happy.
We got the coffee covered, cowpoke.

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