Core Values

Why we wake up and kick ass. How we get stuff done.
Every day. 

Our Core Values are at work in every aspect of our operations. They are our roadmap for decision making, our guidebook for behaviour. Our values are our mantra. 


We are:


We are passionately aware of the world around us and want the best for it. We know the world impacts our story. We know our story impacts the world.
We invite others to wake up, with us. 



We speak truth.

We are honest and bold. We are the real thing, and nothing less.



Heart. We have it. A lot of it.

We use it to make decisions. We use it to provide a positive, open, supportive and safe workplace: an environment where we can each be our best.



Think different? That’s us.

We have the passion to discover, learn and try new things. We are relentless on this quest. We ask, ask & ask again. That’s how we continue to kick ass.



We’ve got guts.

We have confidence to be the best and never settle for less.