Kick-ass careers for superlative people, at Canada's Best Place To Work!

No asses need apply! (We’ve already got one.) But if you’re happy in the saddle serving others, having fun, working hard, and loving coffee; then you might be just the ticket for this team.

Positions available

We do tough work in a team setting, demanding a high set of standards. In return, we provide the stability of a positive, year-round work environment, competitive wages, extended health and wellness benefits, recreation allowance, professional development opportunities, paid day-off birthdays, and a steady pipeline to satisfy the most discerning addiction! (That's called lots of coffee!)

We take the phrase ‘the buck stops here’ seriously. It means being willing to take responsibility for what comes up: with customers, with suppliers, with each other.

It’s about taking ownership of any problem that comes to us and resolving it quickly and efficiently. It’s being consistent, fair and ready to go ‘that extra mile.’

Whether you're interested in Production or the Café, in Administration or in Sales, the basic qualities you'll need to bring to Kicking Horse® Coffee are the same no matter what department.

If you:

  • Work best in a fast paced, ever-changing environment.
  • Are a team player with a 'glass-half-full' outlook on life.
  • Dislike complacency and mediocrity, and possess a critical eye and attention to detail.
  • Can maintain a high level of energy (while on your feet for an 8-hour period) and still have a good sense of humour.

Then we may have a spot for you on our team!

Positions available

WHOA! Kicking Horse® Coffee has been named the #1 Best Workplace in Canada, 2018.