Hola! Hello! Howdy!

A happy, light-roast dose of Wake Up & Kick Ass.

As the saying goes, you can sleep when you're dead. In the meantime, there's coffee! More specifically, there's our latest blend: a light roast guaranteed to deliver a delicious hello and scare the heck out of the most menacing of mornings. Hola® is a blend that knows how to dish up a warm welcome. It’s a hot, tropical storm, sailing in off the sea. It’s a high-five, a hug, and a good swift kick to the conventional, all at once. It's incredible. And it's busy making its way across North America, hopefully to a cup near you!

Hola® is our light roast, and a light roast means extra loads of extraordinary. And by extraordinary, we mean aromas of brown sugar. Mmmmmm-hmmmm. And rich nougat. And cocoa powder! Then there's the taste: juicy red-currant acidity paired with a creamy, honey body. Can we get a double Mmmmmm-hmmmm over here? Oh yah.

Kicking Horse® Coffee's original story tells of a Rocky Mountain explorer who, while crossing a river, was kicked in the head by a horse. His companions thought he was dead. But legend has it that a powerful cup of coffee brought him back to life. That's the spirit of this coffee blend. It's here to wake-up the dead and meet the sun with a salutation: Hola!

For those looking to kick a hole in the darkness, then this is the amazing power punch you wanna pack. Hullo good mornings! Bring on the dawn!

Discover where you can pick up your next cup of Hola, available in Ground and Whole Bean in select locations in stores, and on-line at Amazon.ca.