Look who's talking!

Why we tell it like it is, with love.

Remember when you could call a company and talk to a real person? Someone who listened and took the time to really hear and know the folks on the other end of the line? Well, we don't just remember the good old days, that's the way we roll right now!

Taking the time to talk and listen to customers? Some might call it old-fashioned, but the Kicking Horse® Coffee Customer Experience team just calls it kick-ass service. Connecting with coffee lovers is what keeps this lean, mean service machine revved up and running in high gear every day. There are just four super-friendly folks processing, fulfilling, and handling logistics and shipping all outbound coffee - coffee that’s traveling to points all around the continent.

The Customer Experience team is often the first point of contact for current and potential consumers, partners, wholesalers, and distributors - every link in the supply chain. Each team member has a specific role, but they all support each other, too - having lots of fun in the process. Anyone who’s taken the time to get in touch - no matter what their reason - gets treated to genuine, authentic service.

Daily inquiries run the gamut from new customers wondering what to taste first and where to buy coffee, to folks interested in learning how coffee is decaffeinated or looking for information about Organic and Fair Trade practices.

Love one blend but need help deciding which one to try next? The Customer Experience team is always stoked to talk taste.

Interested in the art of preparing coffee at home? They’re happy to chat about taking time and having fun crafting the perfect cuppa.

There's also a secret side to our customer service... While our team might seem like they're helping and offering instruction, they're actually doing something awesome: Learning! Learning about coffee. Learning about coffee lovers. Learning about how our fans wake up and kick ass! The Customer Experience team is constantly learning about why people love our coffee, what they look for in a good cup, how they like to brew it, where they go to find it, and what makes them tick. And because of their insight, our Customer Experience team is essential to informing us how to continually shape and create our coffee culture and story.

So go ahead, give us a ring. Drop a line. Ask us a question. Tell us what you think. We're listening, and learning because we want your coffee to be great!

New to Kicking Horse Coffee? Try the Kick Ass® blend first - it's the most popular choice, especially for first-timers!