Canada's Best Place to Work: Kicking Horse Coffee!


Whoa whoa whoa! We've been recognized as 2018's Best Workplace™ in Canada.

“We are incredibly happy and proud!” said Elana Rosenfeld, Kicking Horse Coffee’s CEO. “As a team, we wake up and kick ass. That’s how we make great coffee. This recognition is really all about the work behind the work; the things unseen, and the dreams of doing it best, the spirit of our team!”

The “Best Workplaces in Canada” list is compiled by global research firm Great Place to Work®. The competition process is based on two criteria: employee feedback and an in-depth review of the organization’s culture including credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie.

Nearly 120 people work at Kicking Horse Coffee, which earned the number-one spot for businesses with between 100-1,000 employees.

“This, more than any other accolade, means the most because it’s based on how our staff feel,” Rosenfeld said. “It’s genuine. It’s authentic. It’s from the heart.”

The coffee roasting company has previously been named a Top-15 Best Workplace™ three times. This year, it was also recognized as a Best Workplace™ for Women and a Best Workplace™ for Inclusion.

Kicking Horse Coffee is Canada’ #1 Fairtrade and Organic coffee roaster, and for more than 20 years has garnered notoriety for its unconventional and sometimes irreverent approach to business, and for refusing to compromise on values, quality and taste. As one of their region’s largest employers, Kicking Horse Coffee has bucked convention by redefining the potential of a manufacturing workplace – all from their location near the Rocky Mountains in Invermere, BC, three hours from the nearest major metropolitan centre.

Staff enjoy perks like free weekly lunches, being paid extra to bike to work, and days off on birthdays or during big snowfalls so staff can ski at nearby resorts. Those who take parental leave are paid in full and supported with a chore and daycare allowance, and twice each year the entire facility shuts down to go kayaking, camping or to play pond hockey. And of course, there is a steady supply of coffee for staff at work, and at home!

“We have fun, but we also have passion,” Rosenfeld said. “An energy. That makes this a place where people feel cared for, and who in turn push harder and seek to do things better and differently. If we really care, as a company, we have the power to provide sustainability, equality, and to change how business is done. We work to create a workplace full of goodness, and extend that goodness beyond our walls, and into every cup of our coffee. That can change the world. And that, quite simply, kicks ass!” 

Thanks to everyone who is part of our story, and thank you to one particular kick-ass group of unconventional rockstars: our team! Boom!

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