From the Horse's Mouth

    Taste relies on multiple sensory stimuli. What we generally acknowledge as ‘taste’ extends beyond gustation and is much more complex. 

    We cup every day in Procurement. Our days are scheduled around cupping. The coffee industry has ritualized cupping: for us at the Horse, it’s no different.

    GOODNESS: Recipes & Stories
    by Peter & Chris Neal

    Goodness: Recipes & Stories celebrates 37 good food fighters from across Canada—chefs, entrepreneurs, growers, and food activists who believe that good, healthy food should be accessible to all. Each of their stories underlines the simple truth: food has the power to enrich lives and build strong communities.

    By Rebecca Grima

    Why is it that we share some of our most intimate conversations over a cup of coffee?  What is it about this seemingly innocent dark, brown liquid that has the power to make us drop our inhibitions, expose our vulnerabilities, confess our deepest struggles, idealistic dreams with a simple invitation, Want to meet for a coffee?

    Last month, our Procurement team traveled to Peru. This was my first trip to origin. A whirlwind journey, we met with five of our cooperatives in nine days. It was an incredible experience to connect with those responsible for the quality beans we source - closing the loop from grower to roaster.