From the Horse's Mouth

    “The art of coffee brewing is in controlling the variables; and water quality must be controlled, and held in balance, in order to achieve a flavorful beverage.”

    David Beeman and Paul Songer, the Water Quality Handbook

    Kootenay Business is pleased to present our 2015 list of favourite East and West Kootenay food and beverage outlets as chosen by our readers. Whether it’s a business lunch venue or a casual coffee spot you’re seeking, you’ll find it on this list. Maybe you want a tasty burger or some interesting ethnic cuisine. That’s all here too—and much more. Bon appetit to winners and patrons alike!

    Congratulations to all the winners!

    Platinum Award to Kicking Horse Café, Invermere

    One of most important elements of brewing a Kick Ass cup is having a coffee grind that correctly corresponds with your brewing time and method.

    The main driver behind the development of a Fair Trade market has been the growth of ethical consumerism. Sales of Fairtrade products have grown exponentially in recent years as consumer interest and demand has risen.

    Fairtrade Canada is pleased to announce that Kicking Horse Coffee has won the title of Canada’s Favourite Fairtrade Product 2015!

    The online vote for Canada’s Favourite Fairtrade Product takes place annually during the first two weeks of Fairtrade Month (May 1-15) and is presented by Fairtrade Canada, the Canadian member of Fairtrade International responsible for certifying and promoting Fairtrade certified products in Canada.