From the Horse's Mouth

    By David Saito-Chung

    Alfred Peet was convinced that Americans would pay up for a better-tasting cup of coffee. This was back in the 1950s and ’60s — way before today’s gourmet coffee shops.

    He also saw hardly anyone willing to travel the globe in search of excellent coffee beans, teach the public how premium-quality coffee should taste and explain that with coffee beans, where they’re grown matters.

    Our last Blog entry of 2015 began exploring the complexity of taste. Our taste buds simply act as transmitters sending signals to the brain. Together with an array of other sensory stimuli, we are able to process what we consume. It is our brain which perceives flavour. Leading us to the question, do we really taste with our brains?

    By Breanne Massey, Pioneer Staff

    The bold flavour at Kicking Horse Coffee has been widely praised in the Columbia Valley for decades, but now, the brand is gaining popularity worldwide.

    Elana Rosenfeld, co-founder and CEO at Kicking Horse Coffee, made a home in Invermere and then built a career that has captured the attention of Canadian, American and British audiences — the kick-ass company was recently featured in a business profile on the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

    By Rob Boffard
    Business reporter, Vancouver

    Elana Rosenfeld was not even remotely prepared for her first wholesale orders.

    Taste relies on multiple sensory stimuli. What we generally acknowledge as ‘taste’ extends beyond gustation and is much more complex.