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Limited Edition: Two Five

Bright / Nostalgic / Wild

Medium Roast



Two five?

Mmmm-hmm! It's been a quarter-century of kick-ass coffee. This blend is a celebration, made for the originals. We’ve sourced special kinds of beans, at a premium quality even greater than our usual sourcing. This blend is lively. And its roast profile is a nostalgic reminiscent of our original kick-ass roasts in the mountains.

Bag of Kicking horse coffee limited edition: Two Five
Cherry, caramel, and brown sugar. Intense.
Tasting Notes
Mixed berries, lime, chocolate, cacao nibs, and toasted almonds, deep layered textures.
Colombia & Honduras
Recommended Brew Methods
French Press, Drip, Pour Over, and AeroPress
FairtradeUSDA OrganicKosher
Two Kicking Horse Coffee Employees Overlooking Lake and Mountains

The Limited Edition

This Limited Edition coffee is a celebration of a quarter-century of kicking ass.

It's really quite original, just like us.

And its characteristics are like our story: bright, nostalgic and wild.

For Two-Five, we've procured two types of premium organic and Fairtrade coffee beans, even more special than our usual sourcing.

These beans come from individual coffee farmers part of the Lohas cooperative in Polecito, Colombia and the Solcafe cooperative in Honduras.

They’re grown at high altitudes (the very best beans often are), and possess taste attributes reminiscent of chocolate cake and mixed berries.

This blend is lively! Just like our original kick-ass Rocky Mountain roasts.

Kicking Horse Coffee Bag, Machine and Coffee Beans

Two-Five: Wayyyyy-Back Backstory

It seems like yesterday.

We had a dream to do something really good.

And really, really ridiculous...

Make coffee that kicked ass!

In the middle of nowhere.

In our garage.

So... we did!

And then one day we woke up, and it had suddenly been 25 years of full-on givener!


The Story Today

We're still situated in the same teeny Canadian town, in the Rocky Mountains.

Elana's still our CEO, leading the charge.

Tom's still in charge of all things coffee.

Of course, the garage is a little bigger (it has, like, 7 doors now).

Funny thing is, most things are still the same.

And our coffee totally kicks ass!

And that, deserves a celebration.

Cup of coffee splashing


Cake for a celebration? That’s what this blend suggests.

Two-Five has pronounced cherry and chocolate notes, reminiscent of black forest cake.

The best way to ensure great taste? Use our How-to-brew tips!