Bag of Coffee with beans

Our Blends

All of our coffees are blends.

What’s that mean? It means they are a curated selection of different types of beans, with layers of rich and exceptional flavours.

organic Fairtrade shade-grown Arabica coffee

From deep, dark & delicious, to lively and bright.

Here’s what to expect of all our bean blends…

All Organic




Rocky Mountain-roasted.

Blending coffee is part mad-science and expressive art.

Each of our blends is a result of rigorous attention to detail, and endless cupping and tasting in order to achieve remarkable depth and varieties of taste. We take beans from multiple origins and roast them. Depending on the blend sometimes we mix and roast them altogether (pre-roast blend). And sometimes, we roast them separately and mix them after the roast (post-roast blend).

This complex and detail-oriented process enables us to offer a broad portfolio of tastes and aromas, and is part of what makes our coffee kick ass.

coffee blends

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