Wake up in the Mountains: A kick ass contest

A trip for two to Banff, gear from The North Face & more!

Wake up and kick ass: some people do it better than others. They're just generally good folks, who work and play hard, make others smile, know how to lay the smack down, and seem to be pretty damn cool while they do it. 

So we made this contest, where people submitted the name of a person who they think kicks ass. We selected 6 finalists, and then left it up to the world to decide who really kicks ass the most.

And the world declared that Krista and Lola kick ass!

Krista and Lola, and their compadres Kim and Vivian, travelled to the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival, toured the Rocky Mountains and Kicking Horse Coffee, and received head-to-toe gear from The North Face!

Thanks to everyone who participated, submitted and voted! Wherever you are, here's to being awake, and if you’re lucky enough to be in the mountains, well, you’re lucky enough!

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