Kootenay Business - Solar-powered coffee?

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    Solar systems can save your business money and satisfy your environmental conscience.
    By Lisa Crane

    Basking in the sunshine savouring the perfect cup of coffee is an unbeatable way to enjoy any morning or afternoon. In Invermere, British Columbia, that sunshine and cup of brew are very closely linked.

    In June 2010, Greenman Sustainable Solutions facilitated the installation of a solar hot water heating system at the Kicking Horse Coffee Café in Invermere. Bill Swan, the owner of Greenman, has been providing materials and services for green building for some time now, as well as offering solar energy and green building presentations and educational outreach.

    “Kicking Horse Coffee in Invermere installed a system that keeps its commercial dishwashers and sinks supplied with hot water (and) that helps cut energy costs,” said Swan. “It shows patrons they care about the impact of their operations.”

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