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    Cheers to Stephanie and your quest for the perfect shot! – Your extra time and effort does not go unnoticed. Great work!

    Columbia Valley Pioneer

    ALL IS FAIR — Kicking Horse Coffee Company wants your vote to be named Canada’s favourite fair trade product.
    By Joshua Estabrooks - Special to The Pioneer

    The Columbia Valley’s own homegrown coffee company is vying to be named Canada’s favourite fair trade business, but they need your help to pull it off.

    Kicking Horse Coffee (KHC) narrowly missed being named the top fair trade company in Canada last year, and staff are determined to get the extra votes needed this time around to take the title, said KHC media relations representative Lynn Hodgson.


    to the gluten free soup at Kicking Horse! I love being able to eat out, even with my allergies.

    Columbia Valley Pioneer

    Why Kicking Horse Coffee made a pricey decision to provide a product its customers hadn't even asked for.
    By Jim McElgunn

    CEO, Kicking Horse Coffee Co. Ltd.

    Since we founded the company in 1996, 100% of our coffee has been organic. But for many years the supply just wasn't available for all our coffee to be fair trade, too. By 2007, we were at 60% fair trade and 40% non-fair trade.

    A city girl and an East Coaster packed their belongings and headed west, starting a true Canadian success story.

    It all began with a smoothie shop on the main strip in Invermere BC in 1993 (The Blue Dog Café). Owners Elana Rosenfeld and Leo Johnson decided to close the café after following years of stressful dedicated work. After travelling the world, they opened Kicking Horse Coffee in 1996, focusing on roasting small batches of premium specialty coffee and packaging the coffee the same day, ensuring freshness.