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    B.C. employers are setting the bar for employee engagement and healthy places to work
    By Valerie McTavish

    Judging a workplace based on the calibre and frequency of its staff lunches, the decor of its lounge areas or its liberal policy with video-game time is a bit like picking a college based on the ferocity of frosh week. When the hangover clears, you’ve got real life to deal with.

    by Greg Amos

    Invermere’s two electric vehicle charging stations have been up and running for nearly a year, but have yet to see a lineup of vehicles waiting to use them.

    Despite there being only one regular user of the two identical 90-amp charging stations — one found at the District of Invermere office and the other at Kicking Horse Coffee — there are plans to roll out new signage for the stations, and to eventually install more of them...

    What did you brew up over coffee? Elana's interview on DNTO with Sook-Yin Lee. Jump to 0:25:20 to check it out.

    What did you brew up over coffee?

    CBCradio - DNTO


    After U.S. wipeout, Canadian snowboard maker ready to shred again
    By Nick Rockel - Special to The Globe and Mail

    A former professional snowboarder, Max Jenke is gearing up for the biggest ride of his life. Mr. Jenke, president and creative director of Vancouver-based Endeavor Design Inc., wants to launch three winter sports brands in the United States.

    Of course there’s no secret recipe for success in business, but the stories behind the 20th annual EY (Ernst & Young) Entrepreneur of the Year awards offer tantalizing glimpses of those elusive qualities that set the true trailblazers apart from the rest.

    Every entrepreneur starts out with a big idea and even bigger dreams, but these awards celebrate those who pull together all the intangible qualities it takes to not only get a successful business off the ground, but to build empires, create new industries or redefine old ways of doing business.