About Full Press

Full Press is Kicking Horse® Coffee's online journal, a collection of stories about people, places and experiences that we think are interesting. These are stories from people or about people, places, experiences and imaginings that align with the way our company thinks: stories that inspire, stories that are committed to waking people up and kicking ass. 

We started making coffee 20 years ago. But we didn't want to just make coffee. We wanted to make a difference. And 20 years later, we're proud of what we've accomplished. And we're just as committed to making a difference today. Along the way, we've had the pleasure to experience and learn about so many others making a difference, waking up and kicking ass one remarkable day at a time. 

That's what Full Press is about. Other stories that kick ass.

If you're reading this, we hope you're enlightened. Or amused. Or both. And in any case, we simply hope you enjoy some of the stories we're privileged to share, here on Full Press.