Dream. Then Do.

  • If no one writes, no one reads.
  • If no one plants, no one eats.
  • If no one jokes, no one laughs.
  • If no one speaks up, no one hears.
  • If no one steps up, no one wins.
  • If somebody doesn't, nobody will.
  • If no one dreams...
  • Dream. Then do.

Dream Then Do

We once asked, "What can we do to wake up the world?" We dreamed a little bit, then started with coffee, roasting it in a garage right here in the Rocky Mountains.

We made it good. Good, like 100% Organic and 100% Fairtrade. Because if a dream can come true, it deserves to be a good dream. 

20 years later, the garage is a little bigger now. And we're still dreaming. Still doing. And we're incredibly proud to continue to invite the world to wake up with us, one kick-ass cup at a time.

What does coffee have to do with dreaming? Our answer is "Doing." Dreams won't come true until dreamers wake up. And that's what we're all about.

Wake up & kick ass with us.

And in the meantime, here's to good dreams, and making them true.

Psssst: good dreams start with good beans! Ground, Whole Bean, or Cold Brew -- we've got a wake up for dreams of any size. 


Magic beans, a garage, & waking up to the world.