Kick Ass® Cold Brew

Cold. Brew. Coffee.

This Cold Brew kicks ass. Hang on to your mind! You'll know it when you taste it. This remarkable blend of steeped beans is the spirit of Kicking Horse®Coffee, and a bold invitation to wake up and kick ass with us.

Cold Brew
Indonesia & South America
Serving Suggestions & Tasting Methods
  • Straight up: Nuthin' more, nuthin' less.
  • Over ice: Just cool it, bucko. Simple, sassy, delicious.
  • With cream: A smoooooth kick in the ass.
  • Affogato: Pour over vanilla ice cream and make a sweet treat of it.
  • With Irish Cream: Cold Brew with a good swift kick!
  • Protein Shake: Add to a pre-workout shake and triple the horsepower.
  • Mocha: Blend it with milk and chocolate syrup. Mocha loco!
Sweet vanilla, nutty and dark chocolate.