Kicking Horse Coffee Z-Wrangler

Wrangle Z's

Don't wrestle them.

Life in the mountains can be tough and unpredictable – rough and rocky terrain, skies that go from sunshine to stormy in the blink of an eye, wildlife all around. Thriving in the mountains takes top-notch skill. Knowledge. Foresight. Keeping eyes and ears open. Staying alert.

In the height of the summer, the days are long and the nights are for stayin’ up late, sharing stories and watching the stars. Morning comes like a wild horse, and there’s no turning back when it does.

This is no time to be wrestling Zs.

It’s time to wrangle ‘em.

Z-Wrangler is a smooth-sipping, straight-shooting coffee drinker’s coffee. A blend for down-to-earth characters, fresh from the country. It’s an original mountain coffee – perfect for enjoying outdoors at dawn while pondering the next adventure. Z-Wrangler’s cocoa aroma and notes of creamy maple syrup, hints of baking spice, and sweet golden raisins pair great with a bowl of hearty oatmeal. Get ready to ride the range till the cows come home.

How to make this mountain coffee? Just count the ways! From an old metal percolator suspended over a campfire, to a lightweight, collapsible drip cone, to an aeropress and beyond – there’s loads of options for out in the hills or at home.

No more lazing around, now, y’hear? Saddle up and ride off into the day!