What is the meaning of light?

Light coffee. What does that mean?

When a coffee is described as light, it simply means the beans have been roasted less. Beans that are roasted more are often darker. Light coffee typically packs a punch, possesses a powerful flavour, and has pretty much the same amount of caffeine as a dark roast (maybe even just a teeny bit more).

Does light coffee mean wimpy coffee? Weak flavour? Less caffeine? Nope. Nope. Nope.

Light roasts, like our Hola® blend, often go overlooked. Coffee is supposed to be deep, dark and delicious, right? So why would anyone want to drink something described as light? Well, light roasted beans haven’t received as much heat or roasting time as their Medium, or Dark roasted cousins. And that means they retain flavour complexity, bright characteristics, and a surprisingly exciting taste. In fact, Light roasts are sometimes described as more of a taste adventure than dark roasts! And speaking of adventurous, our Hola® blend is just that.

Hola® possesses flavour profiles common in light roasted Central and South American coffee, including tart stone fruit, brown sugar sweetness and a creamy honeyed body. Tasty? Heck ya. Don’t be fooled by light misconceptions. Hola packs enough punch to wake up the dead!

There’s a reason we describe Hola® as wild, awake, and spirited.

If you’re looking for adventure, then try turning from the dark side. Get ready for a delicious kick. One sip of Hola and we think you’ll see the light. Er, taste the light!

Lighten up? Look for Hola® in your local stores, or online at Amazon.ca.