Fair trade coffee

Fairtrade: The Power of You

What Fairtrade means to Kicking Horse® Coffee
Posted on May 1st 2014 by Maddie

We wanted to dedicate an entry on what Fairtrade means to us at the Horse. It’s not just a label, but a movement we are continually cultivating. At Kicking Horse® Coffee Fairtrade is a value we live by.

What does it mean?

At its core, Fairtrade is an international business system that offers better trading conditions for producers and workers in developing countries.

Fairtrade means paying fair prices to coffee farmers, regardless of fluctuations in the world commodities market. This does have an impact.

How are we certified?

When Kicking Horse® Coffee started in 1996, we scoured the planet to find bona fide Fairtrade coffee. We discovered the Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO), an umbrella organization that sets Fairtrade standards, and Fairtrade Canada, the national certification organization. These organizations demand rigorous monitoring, auditing and certification before they allow us to proudly use the Fairtrade label.

We are now the largest Fairtrade roaster in Canada. All our coffee is 100% Certified Fairtrade and 100% Certified Organic.

Why do we care? 

The international Fairtrade system governed by Fairtrade International is structured to produce the following outcomes for farms and workers in developing countries.

Fair compensation for their products and labour

Fairtrade builds economic independence for certified farmer cooperatives and their members. Fairtrade brings them economic stability and a higher standard of living by paying them a fair price (often well above the world market price) for their coffee.

Investment in local economic infrastructure

Fairtrade gives farmers the ability to put money back into their communities. Schools, wells, roads, and hospitals.

Sustainable environmental practices

Which means producers must follow labour, environmental and quality standards. By minimizing pollutants, pesticides and herbicides, and encouraging Organic agriculture techniques. This is good for people, good for ecosystems and good for the consumer.

Improved social services

Improving access for farmers to low or non-interest loans, and providing technical assistance, better health care, education opportunities and technical training.

For the Consumer

Fairtrade provides each of us the option of purchasing according to our principles and values. It assures the consumer that the product they’re buying is ethical and helps them to reinforce their principle through purchasing.

The best part is, all that commitment to superior quality makes our coffee taste wicked. After all, what’s better than a cup of coffee that gives you more than one way to feel good? Being good tastes great.