What could be cooler than coffee?

Kick Ass Cold Brew!

It's summer time and, whooo, things have been heating up around here. We thought mayyyyybe we should cool it down for a bit. 

So we did. We made Cold Brew Coffee. 

Then we packaged it in a smart little can. And now it's hitting shelves across Canada. How's that for cool it!?

What is this Cold Brew Coffee all about? Well, it's super simple & sooooo delicious. It's the best of our coffee, prepared a little differently and packaged in a can so that it's ready to go at any time. 

How do we make our Cold Brew Coffee? We simply take our 100% Organic and Fairtrade beans that are roasted right in the Rocky Mountains. They're carefully ground, just so. And then steeped for 20 hours in cold water. That’s it. That's our Cold Brew Coffee.

Nuthin’ else.

Nuthin’ needed.

What’s it taste like? It's deep, dark, delicious, black, unsweetened, refreshing, with low-acid, low-calories, and of course, it kicks ass.

What's different about our Cold Brew from our regular coffee? Well, people like it because our Cold Brew has slightly more caffeine, less acidity, more body and it's ready-to-drink. 

When is a good time to drink cold brew? Funk soul brutha, try right about now!

Cold brew is good for the drive, for the night, for the afternoon and yeah, you betcha it's good in the morning! It's perfect for beating the heat, for taking the test, playing the game, good for on the go, or happy on the home front. Basically, it's tip-top for whenever it feels like it's time for kick ass o'clock.

Sip it, shoot it, and add anything that might be added to regular coffee. There are no rules. Just keep it cool, cause cold brew likes to stay cold!

And one more thing, we don't have just one, we have TWO kinds of Cold Brew: Kick Ass, which is our bold concoction; and Smart Ass, which possesses a bright profile! 

Try 'em both. And in the meantime, stay cool bucko! 


Looking for Cold Brew nearby? Look no further and use our store locator to find out where to lay hands on some cool beans.