Where you can buy Kicking Horse Coffee online

A store of different sorts!

Locate our coffee online.

There's a bit of a change with our online store: As of March 28th, 2016 it was no more!

But wait! Fret not! Our coffee is available for purchase online at Amazon.ca, Amazon.com and Well.ca. And of course it's always available for direct purchase at retailers and purveyors of fine foods all across North America. Locate them here: Where to Buy

So, why no more store? Well, we're committed to creating exceptional coffee. That's what we're best at. And quite simply, there are experts who are better at carrying our product for purchase online, getting our coffee to the doors of the fine folks and awesome aficionados who dig our beans.

We ain't going anywhere. The only thing we want to change is how our coffee gets closer to your cup, fresher and faster.

Contact us with any questions about where to find our coffee, and let us help you get in touch with some Kick Ass® Coffee!