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100% Certified Organic Coffee
Posted on September 25th 2013 by Maddie

Kicking Horse® Coffee buys and sells only 100% Certified Organic, shade-grown coffee that’s fit for our feathered friends. Organic coffee is better for the environment, better for everyone’s health and provides a better standard of living for the farmer. Win-win-win, don’t you think?

To label any product ‘Organic’ in Canada, manufacturers must comply with a strict set of regulations. This ensures a certification you can count on.

As of June 30, 2009, ‘Organic’ has a legal definition and any claims must follow requirements of the Organic Products Regulations. Such as,

“Only products with organic content that is greater than or equal to 95% may be labelled as: "Organic" or bear the "organic" logo. These products must be certified and the name of the Certification Body must appear on the label.”

How are we certified? 

Our organic certifying body, EcoCert Canada – annually inspects Kicking Horse® Coffee’s operations to ensure ongoing Organic product handling compliance. Kicking Horse® Coffee currently meets or exceeds national Organic certification requirements in Canada, the United States and in Europe.

Certification is an extensive three year process that involves everyone, from growers to roasters. This entails, 

  1. Annual application, registration and due payment.
  2. Meeting strict guidelines related to growing practices, prohibition of chemical fertilizers and non-approved growing aids (like irradiated materials or sewage sludge), genetic modification, cross contamination with non-organic products, up and down supply chain.
  3. Full disclosure of processing, storage, handling and transport practices.
  4. Full disclosure of raw and finished good material tracking, labelling, documentation, traceability.
  5. Annual onsite facility inspection and documentation audit at the farm, cooperative, transport company, broker and manufacturer level.

Why do we care? 

At Kicking Horse® Coffee we believe in the value of Organic. Coffee is good, but Organic coffee is better. It’s really a simple choice; no chemicals, no pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers, environmentally friendly, and hands down you can’t beat the taste. 

Farmers who grow coffee organically use renewable resources. They conserve soil and water to sustain the environment for future generations. They protect human health by avoiding pollutants, pesticides and herbicides. And they create an ecosystem that’s healthy for wildlife and birds.

Buying Organic is more than just helping yourself. You’re helping farmers, our environment and your future days of drinking coffee. 

Sometimes we forget just how much influence we have as consumers in the marketplace. Each of our purchases has the ability to invoke change. Making a conscious decision on something as simple as the type of coffee we choose to buy, can make a difference. By creating greater market demand for more sustainable products, we are all staking claim on a brighter future.