One Awesome Tough Coffee Bag!

Package This!

Our bags have gotten better, and are a little bit different. If you've noticed our bags are stronger, and tougher to open, you're right! So, we want to say 'Rest your weary hands, and tussle with the package no more. Scissors are the new fingers!' We know. We've heard. We understand. It's a heckuva tussle trying to get into that bag without cutting it. And while no one (not us!) is happy to hear about hard times getting into great coffee, we are super excited about why these tough little bags are now even more kick-ass. Here's what's happening...

Exceptional coffee requires an exceptional package to keep it fresh. Our black coffee bags are legendary for keeping out air and sealing in freshness and taste. And now, they're even better than ever.
Our bags sport superior seal integrity, and no, we're not talking about aquatic mammals with flippers. We're talking about ensuring the coffee in the bag is kept secure and away from the elements, so freshness is retained for you!

We're stoked our coffee packaging now possesses even stronger bonding qualities. What does that mean for you? It means better food security, and less likelihood of tampering or compromise in stores or in transit. It means scissors are now pretty much required to open the bag. It also means longer-lasting freshness; we now can assure your coffee is fresh for greater lengths of time. Mmmmm-mmmmmm? Mmmmm-hmmmm!

The next bag of Kicking Horse® Coffee that lands in your hands is going be tough! Use scissors to open the top and then be sure to reseal it. Tape it, fold it, twist it or stick it in an airtight sealable container.

Most of all, once you've let the coffee out of the bag, drink it! This coffee wants to get made!