Profit: Kicking Horse Coffee

Clean up with conscious consumers


There's money to be made in helping people do the right thing. That's because buying is an exercise in ethics for a large and growing number of shoppers.
By Deborah Aarts

...Invermere, B.C.-based Kicking Horse Coffee Co. Ltd. is another firm tapping into the “club” mindset. An integral part of the company’s brand since its inception 15 years ago is its status as a purveyor of Fair Trade and organic products, for which it charges a premium. The company’s devotees are as fervent as they are loyal; for instance, its Facebook page is full of enthusiastic testimonials from customers keen to broadcast publicly their love of the brand.

Kicking Horse CEO Elana Rosenfeld says her client base has grow noticeably in recent years, and she expects the trend to continue as idealistic Gen Y consumers gain greater buying power.

“More and more customers tell us they feel good about what they’re buying,” she says. “And that creates a deep connection with our brand.”

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