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After U.S. wipeout, Canadian snowboard maker ready to shred again
By Nick Rockel - Special to The Globe and Mail

A former professional snowboarder, Max Jenke is gearing up for the biggest ride of his life. Mr. Jenke, president and creative director of Vancouver-based Endeavor Design Inc., wants to launch three winter sports brands in the United States.

THE CHALLENGE: How can Endeavor Design establish a beachhead for its three brands in the United States?


Elana Rosenfeld, co-founder and CEO, Kicking Horse Coffee, Invermere, B.C.

On the financial side, they have to ensure their accounts receivable from the States, notify their bank of terms they’re getting and ensure their line of credit can manage that. They should negotiate better terms than 180 days; they can push back and play a little harder, even though it’s the U.S. and that might be the market standard. It’s not really fair, but it seems to be a trend in the States, making your supplier carry your credit.

The U.S. is so massive that I think of it as different countries and different regions. Attack one region at a time. Unless you’ve got a massive budget, you can never focus that widespread. Concentrate on a specific region and do it really well. In that region, pick where the most likely connect is and the retailers that are going to be great partners and help build the brand with you, and focus on those top three retailers.

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