Peter Neal’s kitchen is ‘where everything happens’.

Peter Neal's kitchen

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Peter Neal’s kitchen is ‘where everything happens’
By Deirdre Kelly

Soon after purchasing his 1950s detached brick home in Toronto’s Leaside neighbourhood five years ago, Peter Neal – who co-owns, with his sibling Chris, Neal Brothers Foods, a food distribution, marketing and production company – commenced a full-out renovation that saw him tear down the old structure to rebuild a new one from the foundation up.

The resulting new home, which he shares with his interior designer wife Lara and their three young daughters, has a rear addition accommodating a spacious 15-by-20-foot kitchen. Lara designed it herself, adding a six-burner stove and double ovens to enable her husband to test-drive and taste the fine foods and wines he and his brother have been importing and creating – among them their signature Neal Brothers kettle-style potato chips – since launching the company in their hometown of Aurora, Ont. 25 years ago. “This is where everything happens,“ Neal says of his favourite room in the house. “It’s where family comes together to eat and drink and share good times.”

The espresso machine
“We are the brand manager and distributor in Eastern Canada of Kicking Horse Coffee, Canada’s premium fair-trade coffee brand, and I use their Cliff Hanger Espresso everyday. So I need this machine. It’s part of my routine.”

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