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Ethical consumers changing lives

The Globe and Mail

A growing number of Canadians are looking beyond the price point when they buy food. They look for transparency in supply chains and care about the social and environmental implications of their purchase...

The impact of Fairtrade practices is felt along the whole supply chain, says Elana Rosenfeld, co-founder and CEO of Kicking Horse Coffee, a company that looks back on 20 years of experience with fair trade. “Any business is just as good as its suppliers,” she says. “We’ve been working with co-ops for over 15 years and by investing in them, we really invested in our future as much as theirs. It’s a very symbiotic relationship that ensures higher quality, efficiency and consistency for all involved.”

Rosenfeld believes consumers have a responsibility to choose where they spend their buying dollars.

“Living in Canada – a developed country – we are very fortunate, and our choices can have an impact in places around the world. Just because we can buy things cheaper, it doesn’t mean we should.”

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