Embark - Let's grab a cup of COFFEE

Let's grab a cup of COFFEE

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By Rebecca Grima

Why is it that we share some of our most intimate conversations over a cup of coffee?  What is it about this seemingly innocent dark, brown liquid that has the power to make us drop our inhibitions, expose our vulnerabilities, confess our deepest struggles, idealistic dreams with a simple invitation, Want to meet for a coffee? Maybe it’s the caffeine; after all coffee is considered a drug - albeit a legal one – it does contain characteristics that alter our conscious state. But that doesn’t explain its ability to create social inclusiveness and cohesion amongst diverse communities and not just in our own back yards, but around the world...

 “Coffee is a gift”, says Rosenfeld.  “I think coffee has beautiful rituals that touch lives. It connects people together, whether it be the connection to yourself [while getting ready] in the morning, or meeting friends. It touches a lot of different people and cultures.  It is one of the last rituals around.”

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