The Kicking Horse Café

Step into the action & stay awhile

The Kicking Horse® Café started out in 2008 as a bit of an experiment - a prototype of sorts - with the mission of giving folks a place to try out some locally-roasted coffee and make themselves at home. In those days, there was no café kitchen - pastries came from a local caterer - and the whole place was under the care of just three staff each day.

Flash forward to today and it's a very different picture. No fewer than 12 full-time baristas and 4 full-time bakers create and serve up an endless variety of specialty coffees, sweet treats, and tasty meals non-stop. The energy in the place is palpable and infectious, and it takes a fair few by surprise. New visitors don't always know what they're getting into. But they end up getting hooked!

The Café is connected with the Kicking Horse® Coffee headquarters in Invermere, BC, and people entering the Café merely have to look up to see the towering Rocky Mountains.

The crowd inside is a blend of locals and out-of-town visitors, regulars and first-timers - keeping the café's top-notch baristas on their toes with rapid-fire drink orders and high expectations. Cappuccino, latte, Canadiano, mocha, cold brew, steamers - there's no cuppa they can't make. And legend has it that some folks who visit regularly with the same custom order might just have a drink named after them.

Kicking Horse® Café's baristas love getting the lowdown on what brings folks in - learning about visitor's connections to this Kick Ass® place and coffee. It's a pleasure to recognize happy faces coming in day after day - folks who come in for the daily bustle, the excitement and just to connect with community. It's a place to make friends, share books and adventures, and just generally brighten the day.

But mere words can't do it justice. The Kicking Horse® Café is a place to be experienced - once, twice, or whenever it's time to get out and kick ass.

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