Keepin' things kickin'

From alpine start to smooth finish

Believe it or not, lack of oxygen can be a good thing.

When it comes to keeping coffee fresh, in fact, it’s critical. Roasting coffee up in the mountains where the air’s a little thinner can pose tough challenges! Making sure those precious beans get snugly placed in perfect packages and are locked in tight for freshness.... well, that's a constant crusade. The Kicking Horse® Coffee Maintenance team are kept on their toes, taking great care to ensure those Kick Ass® beans have a smooth ride to their airtight bag.

Once the best beans have been picked, shipped and received at our headquarters, all the action begins to happen, start to finish. And there’s a lot of action! The whole process happens every day - with an alpine start, of course! When it comes to waking-up & kicking-ass, the Kicking Horse® Maintenance team are ready to roll at the break of dawn. They're on the lookout and on-call for potential mishaps in roasting, grinding, and packaging. In addition, they're always searching for ways to fine tune, improve, and upgrade the operation.

Kicking Horse® Coffee is one of Canada's best places to work, so it's no surprise they thrive on the ingenuity and innovations from their maintenance team.

Making tiny, finicky adjustments to incredibly complex machinery? Check.

Adapting equipment for a new purpose? Check.

Custom design and fabrication? Check, check.

Having fun while they do it? Triple check.

The Maintenance team can dream up new systems and gear and turn them into reality, often creating solutions in minutes that keep things airtight and the beans moving right along. Sometimes it might mean taking on major tasks like focussing on production flow or rejigging the machines that make bags. The end result? Coffee that's had nothing but first-class treatment - with all their goodness airtight and alright! Thanks to the Kick Ass® crew that keeps things moving!

Dark Little Secret

The Maintenance team have a dark little secret for good coffee at home: those same Kick-Ass® beans like to be protected from light and oxygen even after the bag's been opened. Store 'em at room temperature, in a dark, airtight container, and that'll keep things kickin'!