Here’s to 20 kick-ass years!

How to celebrate? With coffee, of course!

A blend like this only comes around once every couple decades.

Kicking Horse® Coffee has been making Kick Ass® Coffee for 20 years now. 20 years! That’s cause for celebration. And what better way to kick things up than with a fresh, new, limited edition blend?

Coffee itself has been around for centuries - from storied beginnings in Ethiopia, when a goatherd named Kaldi noticed his goats getting friskier after munching on unusual red cherries, to the first recorded coffee house (Kiva Han) was opened in Constantinople (Istanbul), to the invention of the espresso machine, and beyond. Kicking Horse® Coffee's tale goes back to 1852, when a Rocky Mountain explorer, kicked in the head by a horse and thought to be nearly dead, was somehow revived by a kick-ass cup of coffee! It’s a legend that lives on in every cup today.

From 1852, flash forward to 1996, 20 years ago. In the Rocky Mountain town of Invermere, BC, Elana Rosenfeld and her partner kicked off the Kicking Horse® Coffee adventure - right in their own garage. Day after day they roasted, experimenting with ways to make great coffee. They soon signed on with what was Transfair Canada (now Fairtrade Canada) - helping boost the market for Fair Trade coffee - and in 2003 decided to purchase and roast only 100% Certified Organic coffee beans. By 2007, they’d raised the standard even higher: every last bean of Kicking Horse® Coffee was 100% Certified Organic, and 100% Certified Fairtrade. And they’ve been galloping along full-tilt ever since. The Kicking Horse® Café opened its doors in 2008 and has become legendary in its own right for serving up Kick Ass® coffee experiences. In 2009, Kicking Horse® Coffee celebrated its 13th year running as Canada’s top-selling Organic, Fairtrade coffee.

That’s a lot of history to pack into one coffee! So it’s with huge gratitude that Kicking Horse® Coffee offers its limited edition 20 Year Blend - a celebratory medium-roast with aromas of sweet tobacco, cocoa, and island spice, and indulgent tasting notes of chocolate, barrel-aged red wine, and hints of cinnamon and white pepper.

Sound rich? It sure is. Every brewing method highlights a different quality. Try it in a French Press for an intense, full-bodied coffee - and add a little cream or liqueur to make it exquisite. Go for the pour-over to enjoy creamy dark chocolate taste with a lingering finish. As an espresso, discover sweet fruit acidity and toasted almond, finishing with allspice. Or simply brew the 20 Year Blend for a smooth, soft, well-balanced blend of chocolate and spice.

So raise a mug to Kicking Horse Coffee’s first two decades waking up and kicking ass with delicious coffee, exceptionally crafted! And here’s to many more still to come!

One more thing, this blend is a limited edition. It's available only in our café and select regional stores, and on