Hang. It. Up!

Cliff Hanger Espresso rocks!

When moving upwards over stone, everything gets magnified. There’s risk, but there’s comfort too, found in the unlikeliest places. A tiny outcrop becomes a generous hold. The smallest bump feels like a wide ledge for anxious fingers. A crack in the rock invites a step up. And each motion says stand strong. Settle in. Scope it out. Strategize. Stretch. Take a deep breath, and then

...take the next move!

What the heck does this have to do with our espresso?

Well, both extend an invitation to take a moment. To pay attention. To enjoy the present. To see things with new perspective. A reminder there’s yet another adventure awaiting, onwards and upwards.

But what about the taste?

Enough with the suspense!

Cliff Hanger Espresso has a taste that’s complex and silky. A bright start that sends across a fruity, chocolaty centre to a bold, happy ending. There's blackcurrant, milk chocolate and brown sugar aromas. Tasting notes of wild berry syrup and a smooth cocoa finish. It's ready to take great taste to new heights time and time again.

This is fine-grinding, espresso-making goodness.

Take your best shot, hang on to yer mug and get ready to take the next move!