Grizzly Claw

Blend of the month: June

You're about to enter Grizzly country!

The Grizzly: legendary, yet earthly. The embodiment of super, natural and the supernatural. There are few beasts as storied and emblematic as the majestic grizzly bear, especially around here at Kicking Horse® Coffee headquarters, in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. By June, the grizzly has shed some of its early spring shyness and is out roaming the wildflower-covered hillsides and mountain meadows. It's only natural that our June's signature blend is in its honour! Now, let it head for a mug near you!

Like the taste of our Grizzly Claw blend, grizzlies are larger than life, reaching weights up to 800 pounds, with back paws up to 12 inches long (and that doesn't include their claws!). June is the later half of the grizzlies' mating season - love is in the air! - and cubs appear over the winter. Grizzlies are also often born in pairs - so, two cups of Grizzly Claw anyone? One to share with a friend?

And even though grizzlies are near the top of the food chain, known for eating fish and other mammals, their diet mostly consists of berries, fruit, nuts, leaves, and roots.

Ready for a cup of Grizzly Claw encounter? Get ready for inspiration! You'll experience only a rich, decadent coffee with aromas of condensed sugar cane and cocoa powder, and flavour notes of dark chocolate, cacao nibs, brown sugar, and roasted hazelnut. We recommend brewing it using a French press, drip machine, or the tried-and-true pour over method.

Welcome to Grizzly country. We know you'll enjoy every sip.