Beyond the ugly-ass sweater...

3 Things that make the holidays better.

(4 including kick-ass coffee)

Time to put on an ugly-ass sweater. And maybe get comfy with the things that make the holidays sing.

We're talking about good coffee. 

Maybe it's what's poured from the thermos and passed around.

Maybe it's the simple moment of morning traditions.

Maybe it's nearly as good as the towel after a polar dip in a frozen lake.

Whatever the occasion, we think coffee's not just another sidekick: it's what make an experience kick ass, and it's even better when shared.

There's a bazillion ways to enjoy the holidays. Coffee's one of them.

And in the spirit of giving, here's another three ways to make the holidays kick ass; from us, for you. 


Write A Letter

Once upon a time humans wrote letters. Not emails: letters. Not text bites through Snapchat, Wickr, Yovo, Slingshot, Clipchat, Cyberdust: letters. Pages were cursively written with soot or squid ink. Hopeful letters gifted good news. Brief letters were brought to life with hand-drawn sketches. And once upon a long time gone, birds carried our letters across the sky. Birds! We got to know each other through handwriting -- a word's familiar dip and flare, the barely decipherable chicken scratch, even cutesy hearts drifting whimsically over the letter 'i' gave intimacy and insight. (Not talking about you, Emojis). Sometimes, when first opened, letters wakened memory with a long lost scent: perfumed petals. Cinnamon and nutmeg, pine needles. Sometimes, remnants of another world came with the letter. A dusting of flour. A coffee ring. Smeared ink -- because, even tears travelled. But writing a letter takes time. And there's no time like the holidays to take the time.

Brew up a kick-ass cup of coffee.

Find just the right pen. Reach for a ream of paper. Or even a napkin will do. Start with "Hello, how are you?"

Reach out to someone whose holiday's about to get infinitely better now that a real life envelope is in their hands. XO. XO. XO. 


Get Lost On A Walk

It's one thing to set out on a walk.

It's an entirely other thing to get intentionally lost.

Being lost makes the familiar unfamiliar.

It's a cue to wake up. To bring things into focus.

What was once glazed-over by day-to-day numbness perks up, gets noticed.

Being lost puts a little huzzah into the day. It's a bold way to reconnect with the senses. To say f-yeah to the mundane.

How many times has getting from A to B hidden the experiences along the way? All getting lost requires is a good afternoon. And maybe something kick-ass and delicious.

This holiday season, why not get lost? Turn off the map function. Fire up the flâneur. Wander and wonder.

Take that trail less travelled.

The road less rambled.

Get lost, and see how much gets found along the way.  


Read A Book Or Three

Tis the season to book it, baby. Journey into thoughts and stories, new ideas and old murmurings. Dust off the corner of the brain that's been idling; give it a little imaginative prod. Wake up! A dash of daydream, a pinch of plot, a cargo of characters, a flutter of thought; it's all there, between the covers, waiting patiently to get picked up. Fiction. Non-fiction. Memoire. Poetry. Biography. There's a book for every occasion and the holidays are the right occasion to squirrel away with a book in one hand and a coffee in the other. So. Get ye to a library, an independent bookstore, that free pile of books on the corner --- find out how many worlds are hidden in words. Grey matter craves a little colour. Happy reading! Happy coffee-ing.

In any case, feel free to warm up with us...

Whole BeanGround or Cold Brew: it's good coffee for good experiences.

And have yerself a very yum delicious...