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140 Burlap Sacks

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Posted on October 3rd 2013 by Maddie

Kicking Horse® Coffee generates upwards of 140 burlap sacks a day from all our green beans. Come by our Headquarters on any given day and you may be hard-pressed to find any to salvage. We can’t seem to keep our hands on them.

Our local community in the Columbia Valley is well educated on the usefulness of burlap sacks and have virtually eliminated our problem of dealing with them.

Many staff receive regular requests for burlap from friends and neighbours; much of the dialogue goes like this:

‘Don’t you work at Kicking Horse® Coffee? Could you get me some burlap sacks?’

‘Sure, how many do you need?’

‘Well, how many can you get me?’

What are they doing with them you wonder? There are millions of ways to upcycle burlap. In fact burlap has become so trendy that people have been using it for accents in home decor, wedding themes and crafting.

There are endless possibilities on how you can reuse burlap. Let us share with you our three favourite ways to use burlap sacks in your garden.

Burlap is made from natural jute fibres that are woven into a loose, breathable, biodegradable cloth. It’s compostable, easy to work with and free. No wonder it’s a hit outdoors!

Landscaping Fabric to Block Weeds

No chemicals needed to stop weeds. Burlap will breakdown over time and prevent weeds from germinating.

  • Start by layering burlap sacks on your soil, overlapping them to ensure coverage.
  • Place a 4-inch layer of wood chips over top.

Overlapping and wood chips are the key to blocking pesky weeds. In turn, if you are trying to germinate seeds, but want shelter them from the elements, cover them just in burlap. This will allow them to breathe and be protected.

Burlap Sack Vegetables

Planting in burlap sacks is ideal if space is an issue or if the soil quality is not great. We planted potatoes in burlap this year.

  • Start with the edges rolled down to create a shorter bag. Fill the burlap sack with about five inches of loose soil. If you are fertilizing the soil this is when you should do it.
  • Place the potatoes at the top of the soil then add more loose soil
  • Roll up the sack as the plant grows taller, mounding up soil around the stems which will encourage more potatoes to grow.

Since burlap sacks are porous you can water over top of the bags. They drain well, but remember they start to decompose and can only be used for one season.

Enjoy your harvest!

Outdoor Decor

We’re trendy and love the look of burlap too. Aesthetically speaking there are tons of ways to use it outdoors. How about a table cloth or check out our photo where a plastic hanging basket is transformed with burlap.

Those are just three ways to use burlap outdoors. There are many more. How do you use burlap in your garden?