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The Revival of Beer and Coffee

The complexity found in a specialty cup of coffee makes the beverage quite comparable to other handcrafted products. We have already devoted an entry relating the intricacies of a glass of wine to your morning brew, now it’s time to compare coffee to another favourite, beer.

Clean Eating - 2015 Clean Choice Awards

The fourth annual Clean Eating Clean Choice Awards honors the top 100 products across 15 categories, including everything from pantry staples, breakfast picks, super time-savers, snacks, grains, baking goods, dairy and non-dairy items, gourmet goodies, green cleaning products, supplements and more.

Mycotoxins and Green Coffee

There are many health benefits linked to coffee including lower risk of serious diseases and even longer life spans. However, as many studies as there are which promote advantageous aspects of the drink, there are claims of adverse effects.

Recently there has been a buzz about potentially harmful contaminants called Mycotoxins being found in green coffee. We touched on this in our previous entry on Bulletproof Coffee. The founder Dave Asprey has pushed his ‘Upgraded Coffee’ declaring it to be toxin free. As a result it has led to speculation whether other green coffee must then contain these fungal properties. 

Experimenting with Bulletproof Coffee

About time I did an entry on Bulletproof Coffee. It has been on our radar for a while and really seems to be on the upward trend.

Despite Bulletproof Coffee’s popularity, adding butter to the mix is not a new concept.  

BDC - 7 tips for expanding to the U.S.

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