From the Horse's Mouth

Espresso 101

Espresso is simply a method of brewing coffee. There are many carefully formulated espresso blends geared at producing a flawless shot.

This perfect shot then makes up the base for all your favourite café drinks; Lattes, Cappuccinos, Americanos… So, the consistency and flavour of espresso shots is super important, especially when considering they have to be able to hold up in milk or hot water.

How to make Cold Brew Coffee

Nothing like a nice icy cold… you probably thought I was going to say beer, but at least I’ve got your attention. Now, imagine your favourite KHC blend as a cold brew which you could make at home and enjoy for weeks.

The Globe and Mail - Let's celebrate Canada Day!

Standing on the alpine slopes of the Rocky Mountains, the crisp freshness of the surroundings is unmistakable. The cool, fragrant air heightens the senses. This is the smell of Canadian nature!

Invest Kootenay - Kicking Horse Coffee

In 1992, 23-year old Elana Rosenfeld and her then partner Leo Johnson moved from an established tourism-based community in Alberta looking for an opportunity to start a business and create the mountain lifestyle that they had come to love in communities such as Jasper and Banff.

Grizzly Claw: A Walk on the Wild Side

Grizzly Claw is a bold, chocolaty dark roast; aptly named considering Kicking Horse Coffee is located in the middle of the Yellowstone to Yukon (Y2Y) ecological range. The Y2Y corridor provides a core habitat for Grizzlies. Our homebase, Invermere, British Columbia sits right in the middle.